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About Us


Campbell & Claeys was founded by Kyle Campbell and Stephen Claeys in 2022 after having worked together for nearly a decade in the residential construction/home remodel industry.

Our decision to become partners not only stems from a close friendship, but shared ideals of hard work, commitment to professional integrity, attention to detail, and putting in the time to do things the right way; treating the homeowner with respect by providing them with a product that we, as lovers of our craft, are proud of.

Who We Are...

Kyle Campbell

Kyle has been building homes since he was a teenager.  Over the last 20 years there's not an aspect of home building or remodeling that he has not touched.  Kyle also has 10+ years of experience as a site superintendent, and 4 years as a general contractor, overseeing the completion of a wide variety of projects ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodels to a complete remodel & addition to a 6000 sqaure foot historic Queen Anne style home.

Apart from managing a construction site, Kyle is also a master carpenter, who's ability to detail out the finishing touches of a project is truly what makes a Campbell & Claeys home unique.


Stephen Claeys

Stephen has a background in engineering, architecture and construction.  Immediately after obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in  Engineering, Stephen moved from his hometown of Redmond, WA to Chicago where he received a Masters in Architecture and worked as an architect for the better part of a decade, before moving back home to work in residential construction where he met Kyle.

For the past 8 years Stephen has worked as a custom home builder while continuing to design some of the custom projects that he builds, with a breadth of work ranging from architect, carpenter, superintendent, to general contractor.

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